Gudni Gunnarsson is born in Reykjavik 1973 and lives and works in Reykjavik.
He is a graduate from The Iceland Academy Of The Arts and an MFA graduate from Goldsmiths College, London. Furthermore, he studied cinema in the CECC Academy in Barcelona were he resided 2001-05 and took part in various activities and e.g. co-produced and directed the Shortfilm/Performance “The Murder On the way to Pep Ventura” and performed “The Appearance of an Artist” in 2003
Gudni regularly works on his own paintings, illustrations and photographs as well as installations which more often root with theatre and architecture. Gudni has exhibited his works in e.g. the White Box Gallery in Chelsea New York, London, Brussels, Reykjavik, Barcelona, Nordic and Baltic Countries.
In 2000 along, with a group of artists in Reykjavik, Gudni squatted a yellow house in the centre of the city. There they produced an active place for discussion and exhibits of various kinds and functionalities. The Yellow House reached international attention and run for over a year.
Between 2003-08 alongside 8 artists Gudni produced, created and proliferated the Poni Collective with performances in such venues as Centre de George Pompidou Paris, Kiasma-Helsinki, Sophiensalle Berlin, Kaaitheater Brussels and at The International Performance Festival in Gwanju, South Korea.
In the year 2007 Gudni founded the multifunctional group Skyr Lee Bob with two members of the Poni Collective, dancer Erna Omarsdottir and musician Lieven Dousselaere. Skyr Lee Bob premiered their work at Reykjavik Art Festival 2008 with a performance and and exhibition evolving around the concept of panic and control and is an ongoing project that appears in the Drodesera-Festival in Italy and Nordwind-Festival in Berlin this summer. The media, such as Art Review, Art Forum and Domus Magazine, critically acclaimed the work.
In june 2009 Gudni´s video “Leave Your Thoughts” that premiered in London two years earlier was presented at “No soul for sale/e-flux” held at the X in Chelsea, New York.
Gudni was awarded with a grant from Margrét Björgúlfsdóttir remembrance fund in 2005 and shortlisted for Celeste Art Price-UK in 2006.
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