Lieven Dousselaere is a Belgian composer and performance artist.
After finishing his studies in Psychology and Comparative Science of Culture, Lieven formed the experimental pop-concrète band Tape Tum with his brother Benjamin. As well as playing live gigs, Tape Tum have created music for film, performance and installation art.
In 2002, he collaborated as a musician and performer with director Raimund Hoghe for the production 'Young People, Old Voices'.
As member of the Belgian collective Poni he created 'Poni Project 1, The Bacterial Tour', and 'Poni Project 2, Soma Sema'.
In between his Poni activities, Lieven has collaborated with dancer and choreographer Erna Omarsdottir and theatre director Emil Hrvatin on 'We Are All Marlene Dietrich FOR'.
His band Tape Tum composed the music for 'Ofaett', a piece by Omarsdottir, Damien Jalet and visual artist Gabriela Fridriksdottir.
In 2007, Lieven founded the multifunctional group Skyr Lee Bob with visual artist Gudni Gunnarsson and erna Omarsdottir (members of Poni collective). Skyr Lee Bob premiered their work at Reykjavik Art Festival 2008 with a performance and exhibition evolving around the concept of panic and control and is an ongoing project.
Beginning 2008, he created a duet called 'The Talking Tree' in collaboration with Erna Omarsdottir.
Next to his work with Tape Tum and Poni, he continues to be involved in various projects as a sound artist and composer.