Premiered in August at the National Theatre of Iceland during Reykjavík Dance Festival.

This event is a lecture on borderline musicals where their mysteries will be revealed and their topic will be dissected to the bone. With sincerity Erna and Valdimar invite you to join them in their quest to find the core of this exciting innovative genre.
They will introduce you to personalities that are deeply immersed in it, such as MC Multiple Personality Disorder and Putrid Sapphire. The Duo Lazyblood will play a few songs and the dance company Shalala will strut their stuff. A few critical moments in the history of the borderline musical will be re enacted and or renewed with a hint of the supernatural.

Fréttablaðið, Sesselja Magnúsdóttir ****

There is a reason for all the praise that has been given to Erna Ómarsdóttir dancer and choreographer throughout the years.
There is simply something genius about everything she does.
The collaboration between her and partner Valdimar Jóhannsson isn´t lacking in brilliance either like the audience experienced in Kassinn, at the National theatre last Saturday, the final day of Reykjavík Dance Festival. They discussed in spoken language, with examples and experts from various previous performances, a stage performance type they choose to call borderline musicals.
For those who have seen many of their previous shows there were perhaps not many new things to see but because of this new context everything had a new meaning. The whole presentation was relaxed and sincere, always keeping their sense of humor close at hand.
The connection with the audience was well established and strong, both directly addressing the audience members and showing them material many of them had seen before and could therefore relate to it. This approach worked and they managed to completely capture the audience like you heard at the end of the performance with the throbbing applause.
One cannot part with this performance without mentioning the musical score which was extremely well done. The mixture of singing and the choice of sound, everything that had anything to do with the musical experience was not least the reason for this performance being an amazing and enjoyable experience.
Conclusion : Incredible show made from interesting thoughts, immense talent, sincerity and humor.

Morgunblaðið, Margrét Áskelsdóttir

The show was built on their analysis of older work from the company, presented in the form of a lecture where characters and re-enactments from shows were presented. Their ideology and approach was very bold, the piece demanded concise transitions where the two performers embodied many different shapes and forms. All of this did however was achieved perfectly and Erna Ómarsdóttir once again demonstrated some of her amazing talent.