Black Yoga Mantra - A Screaming Spa is a continuation of the project The Black Yoga Screaming Chamber which was setup and premiered in a few places around the center of Reykjavík on Culture Night in August 2013. Black Yoga Mantra - A screaming spa was premiered in Kling & Bang in Reykjavík on Cultural night in August 2014.

The Black Yoga Screaming Chamber was a sound insulated chamber where people could scream in privacy and all the screams where recorded. Around 1200 people gave their scream to the chamber. Now the screams have been mixed together and we have made a surround screaming mantra out of them which is the focal point of the screaming spa.

This is a variation on the bath-culture of Icelanders where instead of getting massaged by a Jacuzzi, it will be the sound-waves of screams from the past which will massage your body and soul and possibly follow you to another dimension.

Anywhere The Black Yoga Screaming Chamber appears including Warsaw, Poland and Dro, Italy, screams are recorded and added to the screaming spa.