The Black Yoga Screaming Chamber introduction video from valdimar johannsson on Vimeo.

What is the Black Yoga Screaming Chamber?

It is a box that you are invited to step into. You can go alone or with a friend and stay as long as you like to scream.

Scream out of joy

Scream out of frustration

Scream to forget

Scream to free your mind

Scream to relax

Scream to get energized

Scream all your problems away

Scream for no particular reason at all

This might be a life saving experience


1.Open the door

2.Step inside and close the door after you.

3.Enjoy the darkness

4.When you are ready, scream as long and as often as you like.

5.Enjoy the effect

6.Step out

7.Write your email address and name into the little book.

Your scream will be recorded.

Within few weeks we will send you, your own personal Black Yoga Mantra in where your scream will be mixed together with all the others.

The screaming is at your own risk. If you have sore throat afterwards, go to the bar and have some lovely warm tee with honey or something stronger. Enjoy!